Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits is an SSEA committee that is chaired by Grace Adcock (FHS English). If you have any questions about your benefits in relation to your SSEA and CTA/NEA membership, please reach out to Grace as she has much information in this area. Please contact her via this e-mail address for more information.

Health & Wellness

The Health and Wellness Committee is a district wide committee that meets periodically to discuss benefits and plans available to our membership. If you have a question or concern for this committee, please contact Layne McLean (FHS) for more information.


The Elections Committee is an SSEA committee that was formed to hold elections for SSEA, CTA, and NEA elections to the membership. April Williams (SHS Registrar) is currently leading this committee for our members. Please contact April for more information, or to volunteer to help facilitate an election of the association.