Classified Members

Classified Contract

You may read the current classified contract by clicking here. This is the latest contract as passed by the school board in July of 2018.

Catastrophic Leave

The Catastrophic Leave program is for employees who have a major illness or extended time off from the job. Other union members may donate to a bank, or a specific employee, days of their leave for the other member to use. It is designed to aid the unit member once their sick leave has been exhausted. Refer to the contract, article 11.14 (page 30) for more information. Sean Ferguson (FHS) is the current chair of the Catastrophic Leave bank and any questions should be directed to him. Catastrophic Leave Request Form: word version - pdf version

Curent Year (22-23) MOU's

Periodically, the District and the Association see the need to sign an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding). These are for special areas that fall outside the contract, but that both parties agree to do. Typically MOU's are reviewed each year and if they are a practice that both parties wish to continue, then they go through the negotiations process, and become a permanent part of the contract. Below are the MOU's that have been signed this year.

Certificated Mentors - Site Support Staff - ESP/CSEA Recruitment of Employees

Period Sub Pay Rate Increase - Certificated Recruitment of Employees