School Calendars

School Year 23-24 - School Year 24-25 - School Year 25-26

S.S.E.A. Executive Board

The S.S.E.A. meets every month on the Thursday following the S.U.H.S.D. board meeting, which is held on the second Tuesday of the month. We meet at 4:00pm and we rotate amoungst our school sites. Check your District e-mail from Lisa Ferguson for meeting dates, locations, and the agenda. All members are invited, and encouraged, to attend.

S.U.H.S.D. School Board

The S.U.H.S.D. school board meets on the second Tuesday of the month in the board room at the Shasta Learning Center, 2200 Eureka Way, Redding, CA. Double check the SUHSD website for exact times and locations, as they change on occasion.

Central Coordinating Committee

The S.S.E.A.-S.U.H.S.D. Central Coordinating Committee meets on the Tuesday following the SUHSD school board meeting. Please get all items to be addressed at the C.C.C. to your site building rep before the monthly SSEA executive board meeting. See your site representative for more details.